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We from WR-Accessoires tender excellent craftsmanship. Accordingly, we choose from premium materials, consider appropriate styles and designs and handle traditional fabrication means in our French manufacture. Most of our products are produced on our own in order to ensure that all manufacturing stages adjust to our genuine quality standards. Due to our expertise in development, production and sales, we are moreover able to comply with customised wishes for  individualised and unique products.

Handsawn Hair Combs

Our traditionally manufactured hair combs are made of Rhodoїd, authentic Irish horn or premium lumbers.

With the broadest product range, we offer our customers high-quality crafts which adjust to individual needs and conveniences. Softly rounded teeth and grinded gears (fourchette) make for a gentle combing of the hair.

Exclusive Hair Accessories

The pieces of our exclusive series of hair jewellery are made of Rhodoid, authentic Irish horn or premium lumbers. Whether side comb, hair clamp, hair circlet or hair clip – we provide high quality accessories in multiple variations.



Premium Hair Brushes

Our natural bristle hair brushes promote healthy hair and bestow a soothing massage experience.

Magnificent Mirrors

Our vanity or pocket mirrors display especially high magnification results.





Precise Signets

​​Requiring an adjusted series featuring the logo of your respective studio or company?  Gravure or Print – approach us.


Unique Refinements

We manufacture according to customised demands rhinestone embellishments.

Exclusive Product Designs

​Small-scale series available on demand. Individual designs or customised specifications - we negotiate right from the beginning conceptualisation processes and fabrication stages.


Decent consumer packaging is no minor matter.

WR Accessories provides individual and customer-oriented designs as well. Approach us.

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